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June 11, 2008

Targeting Behavior Workshop

What is Targeting Behavior?

Conservation International’s Targeting Behavior methodology is a systematic approach to research and participatory planning that empowers people to identify targeted learning needs and develop practical and integrated solutions. Programs are designed to target key audiences who can leverage conservation action in priority areas across the globe, including communities, businesses, governments and the urban public. Targeting Behavior strategies combine the research methods and targeted messaging used by social marketing campaigns, the development of creative and experiential learning tools used by education and training programs, the use of mass communications to effectively reach many people, and the ability to influence policy and business practices through advocacy.

All in all pretty well aligned with the Ocean Project mission. As a result, The Ocean Project is pleased to announce that Conservation International will be teaching a short course, entitled Targeting Behavior: Designing Programs to Catalyze Conservation Action, at the Society for Conservation Biology’s Annual Meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee July 11-13, 2008. Further description and registration is available at SCB’s website.

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