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August 6, 2008

New Approaches to Evaluation

Part of the process of continual improvement in communicating for conservation includes gathering baseline data and defining measurable objectives; effective implementation; and tracking progress toward conservation education and action goals. 

This month we are highlighting some important presentations, articles and resources from Good Measures: New Approaches to Evaluation, a conference held May 22, 2008 and sponsored by FSG Social Impact Advisors and Stanford Social Innovation Review.  You can learn about emerging approaches to evaluation, major trends in the field, case studies of successful efforts, listen to audio recordings, and access speakers' presentations. Session topics included: Moving from Insight to Action; Evaluation: New Ways of Working Together; Assessing Performance and Refining Strategy: The Foundation CEO Perspective - a talk by Carol Larson, president and CEO of The David and Lucile Packard Foundation; and Evaluation for Learning: Creating Cultures of Inquiry.

Access the conference resources.

Listen to an inspirational talk by the Packard Foundation's Carol Larson.

Download the PDF (3.67 MB) of Moving from Insight to Action.

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