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October 8, 2008

Cultivating the Green Consumer

Although the current situation with the economy certainly puts a new twist on consumers 'going green' a recent article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review referencing a 2007 McKinsey & Company global survey of 7,751 consumers in eight major economies reports that most consumers are concerned about the environmental and social impacts of the products they buy.

Consumers say they want to buy ecologically friendly products and reduce their impact on the environment. But when they get to the cash register, their Earth-minded sentiments die on the vine. Although individual quirks underlie some of this hypocrisy, businesses can do a lot more to help would-be green consumers turn their talk into walk. Read the full article...
While the situation referred to in the article, namely buying green products, is not completely analogous to the situation our Partners face, some may find it helpful to review what the authors list as the five barriers to going green as well as the five ways to break down those barriers. Clearly, for instance, consumers want to be green but are looking for leaders to show them the way. Our Partners are leaders in their communities and your visitors are increasingly looking to you to help them lead greener lives and take action to protect and conserve the world's ocean.

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