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This blog is primarily geared toward staff at the zoos, aquariums, museums (ZAMs), and other conservation education organizations that are part of our growing global network. We aim to provide you with cutting edge, challenging, and creative information, ideas, and tools to become as effective as possible at communicating about and for conservation with your visitors and the public.

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December 17, 2009

Helping our Partners advance conservation

Thank you for your involvement in ocean and aquatic conservation and for being a part of our growing network of Partners around the world. Everything we do is for our Partners so please read on and make sure you are taking full advantage of your participation in this global network!

The past year we have invested heavily in a number of initiatives that we feel will significantly help our Partners to advance conservation:

Provided Partners with cutting edge market research - the results from the single largest, most comprehensive public opinion research project ever undertaken on behalf of any environmental concern and the implications of this research are providing valuable insights for you as Partners to help you better understand your audience and develop meaningful and actionable messages related to climate change, the ocean, and related environmental issues. In 2010 we will continue our semi-annual tracking surveys, testing messages and measuring successes so make sure to visit the website to get the latest.

Expanded World Oceans Day to a new level — after six years of The Ocean Project working with the World Ocean Network to promote and coordinate World Oceans Day, and to petition the United Nations to recognize this annual event, the UN officially designated World Oceans Day as June 8 of each year. WOD 2010 is already shaping up to the biggest and best yet!

Improved the Seas the Day personal action initiative — as with all our work this personal action initiative is for you and our other Partners to use, customize, and provide tangible ways for your visitors and the public to help. The site provides you with fresh content each month focusing on a different conservation theme, a conservation action tip of the day, ocean picture of the day, and much more that can all be easily tailored for your institution's needs.

Developed tool for a watershed visualization and community involvement — this exciting new conservation education and action tool will be available online soon (preview here) for all our Partners to customize. It is being produced to help your visitors (onsite or online) better understand their connections to their watershed and path to the sea, and help them take conservation action in their communities and regionally.

Grew our global Partner network — you are part of the largest such effort for ocean conservation ever developed, with almost 1,000 Partners: aquariums, zoos, museums, and other conservation education centers, organizations, and agencies, in 49 US States and 85 other countries. Check them out and connect with them on the interactive international map.

Significantly enhanced dynamic website for Partners we are constantly updating our interactive site for you, with lots of valuable info, resources, tools, and inspiration — again, it's for you to use and customize.

Looking ahead, we have many initiatives and activities planned in 2010 and beyond to leverage our research results and other activities, both in the U.S. and, increasingly, internationally.

To help us help you and our other Partners, we would greatly appreciate a year-end, or year-starting, contribution. The Ocean Project receives voluntary contributions from time to time from our Partners, and we thank you very much — with extremely low overhead (small rented space in an old church, with our team of 1.5 paid staff and two interns) your contribution goes far.

Any amount, from $5 to $5,000 is most welcome! You can securely donate online or we can provide an invoice. For a contribution of $500 or more to The Ocean Project your institution or organization becomes a Supporting Partner; for a contribution of $5,000 or more you can become a Sustaining Partner — both types of contributors receive many benefits based on their level of giving, which you can learn about through the website links just highlighted.

Thank you for your involvement in this growing network and for making a donation now or budgeting for a contribution in the future! We look forward to working with you to achieve great outcomes in 2010, and beyond!

December 11, 2009

Opening Film from Copenhagen

It's only 4 minutes and 13 seconds and well worth it!

Climate Scoreboard

This Climate Scoreboard helps track progress in the ongoing negotiations in Copenhagen to produce an international climate treaty. The Scoreboard allows users to check, on a daily basis, whether proposals in the treaty process commit countries to enough greenhouse gas emissions reductions to achieve widely expressed goals.
This Scoreboard shows the score -- expected temperature in 2100 if current proposals in the global climate negotiations were fully implemented.
When country proposals to the UN change, a team in Copenhagen will immediately update the analysis using the C-ROADS simulator. In real time, around the world, wherever it is posted, the Scoreboard will automatically update – showing both the progress that has been realized and the effort still required to achieve the goal.
Use this tool to help inform your colleagues, friends, and/or visitors to your facility and website about the gap between what we want and where we are headed!
Link to the Scoreboard: http://climatescoreboard.org for more info and so you can also embed their widget easily on your site, blog, Facebook, etc. to help spread the word! Watch The Climate Scoreboard Video from Climate Interactive on Vimeo.

December 10, 2009

Coral and Climate Message for Copenhagen

This powerful 12-minute video was developed for the Copenhagen summit. Coral reefs first appeared more than 400 million years ago. This film shows the devastating effect of climate change on the world’s incredible, diverse coral reefs. It paints a disturbing picture of a world that has lost its reefs forever - our world in 2065.

You can also watch a two minute version of this video, download and embed it where you can, and help spread the word!

The film was produced by Earth-Touch, and is a collaboration between Zoological Society of London and GLOBE International.

Powerful information tool for Copenhagen and global citizens

The Climate Scoreboard Video from Climate Interactive on Vimeo.