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February 11, 2010

Surf Sweets Launches Campaign

Surf Sweets, a socially responsible company that makes naturally sweetened, gummy candies and jelly beans - and also joined last year with The Ocean Project to promote a children's art contest around World Oceans Day (second annual coming soon!) - recently announced a new campaign called Helping Hearts, which will benefit The Ocean Project and ocean conservation.

During the month of February, for any fan who joins its Facebook page, Surf Sweets will donate $1 to one of two charities (one being The Ocean Project.) Fans get to choose which charity they would like to Surf Sweets to donate to upon joining.

It’s easy to join the Surf Sweets Fan Club and help ocean conservation! Simply find Surf Sweets on Facebook, or go to the Surf Sweets website and click Find Us On Facebook. Once there, join the Surf Sweets Fan Club and then select the charity (hopefully The Ocean Project) that you’d like the $1 donation to benefit. And thanks!

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