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This blog is primarily geared toward staff at the zoos, aquariums, museums (ZAMs), and other conservation education organizations that are part of our growing global network. We aim to provide you with cutting edge, challenging, and creative information, ideas, and tools to become as effective as possible at communicating about and for conservation with your visitors and the public.

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July 27, 2010

Youth in Action

The Ocean Project’s research has shown that youth (ages 12-17) are a key audience to target with the potential to have a huge impact on improving our ocean planet. Not only is this age group more concerned about environmental issues, they are also more willing to take action to help the environment than adults. Furthermore, youth exert a huge amount of influence within their households. Parents often view their children as more informed about current environmental issues than themselves. Youth already report more involvement with ocean conservation activities than any other age group, but their potential for taking action is far from being fully realized. Check our new youth page for more information and resources on reaching 12-17 year olds.

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