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This blog is primarily geared toward staff at the zoos, aquariums, museums (ZAMs), and other conservation education organizations that are part of our growing global network. We aim to provide you with cutting edge, challenging, and creative information, ideas, and tools to become as effective as possible at communicating about and for conservation with your visitors and the public.

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December 22, 2010

SEASons Greetings from The Ocean Project!

It has been an eventful year for the health of our ocean planet. Devastating events such as the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have reminded us of the vulnerability of our ocean, and our duty to take action and protect it. 
At The Ocean Project we continued to provide our Partners with new and meaningful conservation communication insights to help them become more efficient and effective educators and communicators for conservation action. In 2011, we are launching a new three year initiative, which will significantly expand our market research capabilities and help our Partners to fully integrate and utilize these valuable resources and strategic communications tools. 

Through an expansion of our market research initiative -- and other activities, such as providing ways to take tangible action focused on a new conservation theme each month -- we plan to engage and mobilize people for conservation action around the United States and in the 75 other countries where are Partners are based. Collectively, we hope to develop more of a conservation consciousness among all members of society.

Thank you for your interest, and your help working for the ocean and the health of our planet! Please consider making a year end ocean donation to The Ocean Project. With our small team, each contribution goes far for positive change! Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!

December 10, 2010

The perfect gift for you and the ocean—a junk-free mailbox.

Did you know? In the U.S. alone, the production of junk mail consumes 28 billion gallons of water and takes enough energy to power 2.8 million cars!

The Ocean Project is partnering with 41pounds.org, a nonprofit service which stops postal junk mail. With this service, you can help cut down on junk mail waste while treating your loved ones to five full years of a clutter free mailbox!

For $41, the folks at 41pounds.org do all the leg-work to reduce your junk mail by 80-95% for five years. This cost INCLUDES a $15 donation to one of their partner non-profit organizations you choose; such as The Ocean Project!

With 41pounds.org, you reduce household clutter, protect healthy forests and reduce global warming:

  • Paper manufacturing in the US and Canada releases well over 100 million kg of toxic pollution into the air and water each year.
  • More than 100 million trees are destroyed each year to produce junk mail.
  • The world’s temperate forests absorb 2 billion tons of carbon annually to help keep the planet cool and healthy.
  • Junk mail produces more greenhouse gas emissions than 9 million cars.

Save some stress, save the forests, and save the ocean by patronizing 41pounds.org with The Ocean Project as your donation of choice! Click here now to buy a gift certificate.