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June 8, 2011

Happy World Oceans Day!

Happy June 8th everybody! We hope you're joining the world in the globe's biggest ocean celebration today: World Oceans Day!

Don't forget the Twitter party at 7pm tonight:
  • Are you on Twitter?
  • Do you love the ocean?
  • Could you use some earth-friendly all natural and organic delicious free candies?

Join The Ocean Project and Surf Sweets at 7pm on today June 8th for a half hour of ocean discussion, Q & A, and chances to win fun prizes.

Starting at 7pm, join us by tweeting the hashtag #WOD (or #WorldOceansDay). Your tweets will enter you to win treats from our partners, and the conversation will stimulate your mind!

Surf Sweets is also holding a photo contest to celebrate World Oceans Day:

Whole Foods Market and Surf Sweets are celebrating our oceans the entire month of June. Grab Chewy Hughy and take him on an adventure involving water; the beach, zoo, aquarium, park or anywhere you have fun with water. Snap a pick with Chewy Hughy and submit it to info@surfsweets.com for your chance to win! Pick up Chewy Hughy in store or download here.

And the prizes are awesome! $100 gift card to Whole Foods, a year's supply of Surf Sweets, and more.

Complete contest rules are on the Chewy Hughy flier attached to this post. Enjoy! 

1 comment:

  1. Sweet! ;o)

    Sadly I'll be deeply asleep at that time... damn time zones!

    But I've spent most of my day working on World Oceans Day, teaching, blogging and coordinating our fabulous Oceanic Blog-A-Thon! :D


    Have fun at the twitter party!