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November 27, 2012

Diversifying our Conservation Portfolio for Change

Youth and minorities are not only important voting blocs as evidenced by the recent US elections, but The Ocean Project’s market research has identified them as important constituencies in conservation action. In addition to working with North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, Seattle Aquarium, and New York Aquarium, to develop youth-centered campaigns, The Ocean Project has also been active in working within the zoo, aquarium and museum community on diversity issues. 

Minorities are currently underrepresented in conservation, but our research and other studies have shown that they have great potential for conservation impact. Our Communications Project Director, Wei Ying Wong, has been collating information on the whys and hows of diversifying audiences, staff, and vendors as part of her Toyota-Audubon Together Green Fellowship. This fellowship has also allowed her to work with Philadelphia Zoo to develop protocols to engage stakeholders from communities of color. 

Wei Ying will continue serving on the AZA diversity committee as The Ocean Project remains focused on empowering minorities and youth in leading the charge for conservation action.  

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